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The Fungus Foundation, the first company in history to utilise man made fungus in the world of medicine. They are pushing the boundaries of genetic engineering with their work, and they firmly believe that they can revolutionise the modern world. They are constantly experimenting with new ideas and innovating when required.

But sometimes it is best to remember that curiosity killed the cat...


Game Jolt


TheFallenFoundation-0.2.0.zip 646 MB


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Anything that relates to scientists mucking around with stuff they shouldn't be gets my immediate attention. One of my favourite tropes, this one!

So obviously this game did not let me down! Every step you take increases the tension, and as you slowly but surely uncover what went so wrong in this place it becomes more and more clear that you should, you know, maybe think about skedaddling!

The slow build-up of paranoia mixed with the brilliant final five or so minutes make this a mini-horror experience worth diving into! So grab some shrooms, mind out for the spores and let's get the hell outta here!

It would be fun if the laughing dude didn't pin you against the wall for eternity.

Sorry about that glitch

I liked this! Kinda want to see more! It's the first game in the video!

This was really good! A solid story and some very spooky parts throughout, loved running away from that maniac! I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

I loved the game. (Skip to 2:56)

This is a really good game with an original idea. I absolutely love the scp kind of vibe it gives off. I wish it was a little bit longer so I could play it more. Great job!


Really creepy. Good ending.

I feel like this game has some potential for sure.i think for the scare moment they were predictible, if this is your first time with UE4 this came out good 

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Really freaked me out but it was fun. Also found a little glitch.

Thanks for taking the time to make the video! Sorry about the glitch, it seems to happen for just a few people. Perhaps it is something to do with a missing file or the engine running on a different computer.

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I'm happy that your friend turned you on to the Unreal Engine because that's one of the noticeable things about this game, the lovely textures. I love the super-clean laboratory appeal before everything goes to crap haha it would be nice if the player (him/her) had a voice, or some sort of input for the given situation. And also, instead of just having to run around, a few tasks to accomplish would make it all the more better, while leading up to the fungus outbreak. I love where this is heading and would love MORE!

Great work!

Cool video! Thanks for the feedback as well!


here's my gameplay video. I thought that guy chasing me is gonna kill me 

That's strange, for everyone else I have seen play it the chasing man would kill them. Anyway, thanks for playing and I hope you enjoyed it!


I liked the general atmosphere for this game, hoping to see a longer version in the future. The guy running towards us was a definite heart pounder with hearing his breath in the background!

Loved the humour! Great video and thanks for playing!


Not gonna lie that bit where you hear the 8 bit tune... it was fire XD i liked this one 5/5


Nice vid! Thanks for playing!